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Unleashing the power of sport: Little Victories BOX!

Little Victories FC swapped football for boxing, and pulled on the SPARBAR boxing gloves, welcoming Bailey from BeGreatFitness, whose mission is to make fitness accessible to all.

Guest coach Bailey works with players on their technique.

BeGreatFitness tell us:

"Bailey had the opportunity to meet the amazing Little Victories FC and instantly felt a deep connection to their journey and message.

Sophie, the creator of this incredible community, has done an outstanding job, and all the dedicated volunteers involved truly understand the mission at hand and embody Sophie's inspiring views.

One remarkable aspect of this group is that it's the only space in the area that offers accessible football specifically for individuals with cerebral palsy.

This inclusive approach greatly impressed Bailey.

During his time with the group, Bailey brought something new to the table. They organised engaging games, facilitated meaningful interactions among the members, and even introduced the excitement of boxing by getting the boxing gloves out!

BeGreatFitness extends their heartfelt thanks to Sophie Bartup for her remarkable contributions to this incredible community.

It serves as a shining example of the power of community and the positive impact it can have on individuals."

Our players loved trying something new.

Little Victories FC's Sophie says:

"BeGreatFitness has truly shown our players that anything is possible.

Every activity was adapted for players, including those who use a frame or wheelchair.

Bailey’s approach is open and inquisitive and he questions the players at every opportunity providing them with a platform to have their voice heard.

He’s patient, kind and encouraging whilst providing challenges for the players to overcome. He makes a huge effort with our volunteers too, and we truly feel like he’s part of our LV family.

Small volunteer organisations like ours need companies like BeGreatFitness to recognise our impact and Bailey & his team have gone above and beyond to help us promote our vision.

Our friendship with Be Great Fitness grows and we couldn’t be happier."

You can read more about the tremendous work of BeGreatFitness by visiting their website: Home | BeGreatFitness | Lincolnshire

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