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Thank you to the Dixon Group Foundation

Little Victories in the Community is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have received a £4k donation from the Dixon Group Foundation.

The beneficiaries of this incredible donation will be players of our ground breaking project Little Victories FC, with the funds providing sustainability into both the 2024/25 and 2025/26 season, which is absolutely fantastic for our volunteer led award winning LVFC.

Team LV were proudly represented at the event by Director Katrina Day, Project Lead Steph Atkinson and coaches Carolyn Croft and Shaun Grantham, who enjoyed a sparkling lunch, which was a wonderful opportunity to thank Lisa Wood and the team at Dixon and it's fair to say, after the magnificent announcement, there were lots of happy tears all round!

LVFC would like to say a special thank you to Martin Dixon and the Dixon family for all their hard work and their commitment to community, it's their drive and willingness to support good causes that has made all this possible.

We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of the Dixon Group Foundation and the enthusiasm and excitement shown by their staff team to take on some epic challenges.

The Thames Bridges Trek really was an outstanding achievement and everything else that their wonderful staff team have done has truly made us speechless.

Lisa from the Dixon Group attended our LVFC second Birthday celebrations, and spent time with players and their families, including Jess (pictured).

Coach Carolyn shared:

"We are not just a place where children with Cerebral Palsy can come together to play sport, we are a support network for all their parents, who can chat freely with people who face the same issues as they do on a daily basis.

“It’s nice to come together with people who can empathise with your situation and this money will help us provide the resources to help many more families.”

LVFC is incredibly excited to be welcoming Lisa and her guest to our upcoming Awards Evening where she will be presenting an award, in honour of our partnership with the Dixon Group Foundation.

You can read more about the wonderful Dixon Group Foundation here: Dixon Group Foundation hands £12k boost to trio of good causes in Hull | Dixon Group Ltd

We look forward to seeing Lisa in August, where she will be a guest of honour.

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