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Team Little Victories completes Epilepsy challenge 100!

The Epilepsy Society’s Challenge 100 has officially been completed by Team LV!

Volunteer Katie has shared a blog post below to capture our triumph!

To raise money for charity and to show our support, Team Little Victories took on the challenge in January of completing 100 miles each in aid of the Epilepsy Society.

Six of the Little Victories coaches showed excellent determination to achieve as many miles and raise as much money as possible!

Coaches Sophie, Steph, Rich, Shaun, Carolyn and Katie completed their 100 miles in a lot of different ways. We cycled, walked, swam and ran our ways to completing this worthwhile challenge and over the last 100 days, Team Little Victories has managed to complete over 750 miles collectively!

Did you know that nearly half of individuals with Cerebral Palsy also have Epilepsy? Between 15-55% of all people with CP have epilepsy as well.  This means that CP and epilepsy are two of the most common co-occurring conditions that a person can have.

Because of this, Team LV decided it was important to get as involved as we can do! Some people get diagnosed early with both conditions early in life, some get diagnosed later and not everyone with Cerebral Palsy has epilepsy as well.

We think that it is vital for us, as volunteers, to join in as much as we can to help some of our players and volunteers to get the attention that they may need.

Let’s hear from some of our coaches about how they feel after knowing they have completed the challenge.

Coach Shaun said this “It was a great challenge for a great cause, this in turn gave me motivation when it was cold nights or early mornings to push myself, knowing I was supporting a great cause. I feel proud to have completed the challenged as a team!”

Coach Carolyn said “I found the challenge incredibly hard but worthwhile as I needed to improve my health and fitness. Doing the challenge for my own health and raising money for the epilepsy society made it much more rewarding. The society provide vital services/research within communities for people with epilepsy.”

Finally, coach Steph said that “participating in the 100 miles challenge was an immensely satisfying experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Knowing that every mile I ran was contributing to a great cause made the challenge even more meaningful. Not only did I feel a sense of accomplishment for completing 100 miles, but it also significantly motivated my fitness levels. The challenge pushed me to go beyond my limits and the journey to reach the milestone was both rewarding and fulfilling. I am proud to have been a part of such a meaningful initiative benefitting such a great cause.


I would like to take the time now to thank everyone who supported or donated to Team LV whilst we were completing our 100 miles. Without your support, encouragement and donations, we would never have been able to raise £200 for such a brilliant cause! Thank you!

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