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Steph's journey to the BBC SPOTY!

On Tuesday 19th December 2023, Little Victories FC volunteer Steph Atkinson travelled to Media City in Manchester for the 70th BBC Sport's Personality of the Year Awards as the Unsung Hero winner for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Steph was joined by her partner Shaun Grantham. Shaun is a volunteer coach with Little Victories FC, too.

Steph shares:

"Well where do I start…

I remain slightly star struck and in awe of many inspiring people I saw and met.

Thank you from bottom of my heart for this prestigious honour attending BBC Sport SPOTY as the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Unsung Hero representing Little Victories FC.

I would like to express my gratitude to several people;

Thank you to Active Humber for the nomination and continued support.

To my fellow coaches and everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey.

This award is not just my achievement, it is a testament to the collective efforts and dedication of a team of fantastic volunteers at LV , in particular Sophie Bartupa volunteer who I aspire to be alike, thank you for your guidance and support.

Steph continued:

"My boys, through our own personal journey you both have been my continuous inspiration, I’m forever grateful to you both for bringing out the better person in me. You both are my driving force to continue to help others, I share this honour with you both

Shaun Grantham my partner in life and fellow coach, you have been my unwavering love, encouragement and support. Thank you for believing in everything we do.

Lacey my step daughter who as a young volunteer herself has taught me care and compassion can be given at any age. Thank you for the selfless support you give your “step bro’s” and all the players at LV. Myself and your dad are extremely proud of you.

To family and friends, your support has helped me grow into the person I am today of which I'm truly thankful to each and everyone of you.

A special mention to a woman who’s courageousness shaped who I am today, I hope I made you proud.

Lastly but most importantly, to all our amazing players at Little Victories, the world of disability can be scary and challenging however sport has the power to inspire, unite, and transform lives.

I believe in the positive impact that sports can have on individuals, families and communities regardless of disability.

Each week I witnesses courage, passion, enthusiasm, pure determination and lots of happy smiles which is truly inspiring.

Little victories is a small club doing big extraordinary things, for me the real heroes are all my little victories players, I dedicate this award to you all."

Steph pictured with BBC SPOTY winner Mary Earps.

Mary Earps and Shaun.

Shaun and Alex Scott.

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