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LVFC super six take St George's Park by storm!

Coach Katie takes us through Little Victories FC's visit to St George's Park.

Little Victories FC have taken on teams at the Frame Football Festival, for the second consecutive year.

Massive congratulations are in order for everyone on Team LV who took part in the Frame Football Festival at St George’s Park on Sunday 12th May 2024, what an absolutely amazing display of talent and skills from every player in LV's signature yellow.

Team LV before the tournament started. Players Herbie, Henry, Franky, Emma, Coopa and Freya plus Miller (no. one supporter) and Luan from team Solihull with coaches Shaun, Steph, Sam and Katie.

The day started with a tunnel walk of all the teams in the tournament!

Showing support from the arena, there was encouragement from all the parents, grandparents, friends and coaches.

Team LV confidently walked out to the sound of cheers and clapping, ready to face the teams head on!

Five players made up the nine to 12 event with Freya, Coopa, Emma, Henry and Herbie flying the LV colours to take on Summertown, Newcastle, Ipswich and Baypoint.

It was such a competitive category filled with absolutely brilliant teams, with very close score lines, where Team LV managed to hit the net in each game, with goals from Coopa, Emma and Henry.

The highlight of the games was definitely the 2-1 thriller with Newcastle, which was end to end, with Newcastle scoring late on, however that didn't deter our spirit and we marched one, improving with every game.

We could not be prouder of our players and what they achieved throughout the day! Way to go Team LV, you were ace! 

LV players Coops and Henry Celebrating after a goal.

LV player Henry focused on getting the ball forward.

Franky was up next flying the flag for LV, and he was joined in the 5-8 years group by Luca from Team Malta and Luan from Birmingham to make up a superstar trio who won all of their matches.

To think that this team of boys had never met each other before the tournament, they all did so well and worked cohesively together as a team to ultimately win the trophy for LV!

Franky, especially, amazed everyone with his control skills and his speed on his walker. A massive well done to Franky!

Franky celebrating one of his many goals!

Champion Franky and brother Miller proudly showing off the under 8's National Cup!

All of our coaches and volunteers were so impressed with the level of skill, control, determination and communication that was shown by our players!

Whether they had been playing together for two years or two hours, all of the players had excellent skills, being able to talk to each other during games, direct each other when necessary and work as a team to secure the well-earned results we ended with.

Team LV players with Coach Steph and the winning trophy.

Let’s hear from some of the coaches, players and parents about the day!

Coach Sam said: “Wow what a day, what a tournament and it’s even more special to see our young ones (5–8 years) bring the Frame Football National Cup home!

Even more exciting to be singing Champeones all the way back on the bus!

Fantastic and I also want to say a massive congrats to all our coaches, volunteers, families/parents who travelled all the way to the home of English Football St George’s Park!

Just a massive well done to everyone who took part!” 

Coach Steph said: “A day that will go down in history! Passion, strength, skill, determination, and dedication were on full display today by all of our players at Little Victories.

We could not be prouder of our team and the incredible talents of our very own Franky, Luan from Solihull Moors and Luca from Frame Football Malta. Together we brought home the trophy and made unforgettable memories!”

Coach Shaun said that for him it was: “An unbelievable experience for everyone involved from the players, coaches and family/friends that came to support.

It was lovely to see how football can bring so many people together and the memories that were made will last a lifetime."

Parent Nina said: “This was Freya’s second time taking part at SGP and she absolutely loved it! To be able to take part in something with her Little Victories friends that makes her feel so wanted, special and included has done the world of good for confidence and self-esteem.

I never want her to leave Little Victories!”

Player Freya is never afraid of a challenge and got stuck in with some important tackles.

Parent Wayne said: “Coopa was so excited on the way home talking about how she finally got to play for a team against another team (or three) and how she can do what she loves doing with kids who are the same, it was unbelievable to see so many kids with the biggest smile on their faces, playing with their teammates!”

Coops made her LVFC debut and showed what a talented footballer she is.

Player Herbie said: I felt really excited going there, really, that’s really what I felt just really excited! I got the experience of a lifetime, and we got some new players in it. That’s what really matters to me.”

Player Henry said: On Sunday at St George’s Park, I thought we tried hard and when we tried hard, we had fun, and when we had fun, it felt like we were winning, like yes, we lost but, in our eyes, we won because we had fun with it and the way that I had fun was the way that everyone had fun.

Everyone experienced that the exact same way. Yes, we had our downfalls and yes, we had our rises, but I had fun and I think everyone else had fun and it’s also about the journey and the way that we played, I thought we tried our best and we tried our best really hard.”

Player Franky said: “I loved making new friends and playing football with them. I enjoyed coming out of the tunnel, it was so fun hearing everyone cheering for us.

It was so fun watching everyone who was like me play. It was amazing because we won the trophy and I’m so proud of all of my teammates. 

Lastly, Miller (our no. one fan) said: “I enjoyed it because I loved how Franky played it, how he came out the tunnel, I love how he scored some goals and did some really good tackling, so well done."

Everyone did extremely brilliantly on Sunday and made everyone at Little Victories proud! We are a fantastic club, full of brilliant, dedicated players.

I think for me, personally as I sit reflecting on the day and writing this, I am just in awe of what Little Victories is and how we as a full club and organisation are supportive of each other.

Player Emma, a leader on the pitch, demonstrating her technical skills with close ball control.

The players are such a talented bunch of children, and it really shows how much teamwork goes into a tournament such as this.

Celebrating as Team LV!


At the end of the day we were given some gift bags, filled with lots of goodies to take home! In the bags, there were pens, pencils, water bottles and much more for our players to enjoy.

Herbie said that “(the bottle) had grips on the side of it, so that makes it a proper good sports bottle!” Safe to say, the bags got the LV seal of approval!


I think now it is time to wrap up and just once again say a huge thank you to everyone involved.

From the coaches, players, parents and volunteers, events like SGP would not happen if it wasn’t for you.

Lastly, I just want to take the time to thank the Frame Football Foundation for organising such a brilliant event!

A very special thanks must go out to Dave Winn for providing not only the club, but the entire event such brilliant photos of an unforgettable day and to Blinks for capturing the day on video!

Now it’s time to turn our attention to doing it all again in September, come on Little Victories!

LV are Champions, every player!

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