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Little Victories Young Volunteers shining in their local communities!

Little Victories in the Community (LVITC) is committed to providing a platform for young people to enhance their skills, while contributing within their local communities helping to improve their confidence and independence.

Our Cerebral Palsy football team wouldn’t be able to run without a group of local, dedicated and passionate volunteers and this includes our cohort of young people aged 12-17 years of age, who dedicate their time each Saturday to help create a happy and fun footballing environment for young people.

Not only are they focusing on their own development, but they are also helping others, meeting new friends and understanding the values of community spirit.

LVITC wanted to shine a light on the wonderful young people who help to coach at our Cerebral Palsy football team, and we’re starting our recognition series with Kasper Newby.

Kasper (14) is from Hull, plays for a competitive pan-disability football team at U16 level and is at LVITC most weeks helping to deliver football activities alongside a group of coaches. Kasper has achieved the FA Playmaker course and will be taking on his FA Level One as soon as he turns 16. Kasper is a role model to the young players and spoke to us about the impact of volunteering and how it’s helped him learn new skills.

We asked Kasper what motivated him to volunteer at LVITC: “When I was younger, people helped me at football so now I want to help people younger than me.”

Kasper added: “The CP sessions are so much fun; everyone is friendly and gets along.”

Kasper (far left) with his fellow coaches and player Emma.

We wanted to find out more about how volunteering is impacting Kasper: “At LV, I am learning to communicate with much younger people, work as a team with other coaches and most importantly I learnt to demonstrate drills in a way that makes sure all the players understand.”

Kasper helps to deliver fun and engaging drills.

We mentioned earlier that Kasper is keen to take on the next stage of his coaching journey when he reaches 16: “In 18 months I am hoping to do my FA Level One so I can be qualified like my dad.”

Kasper helps to award the Player of the Week trophy.

We asked Kasper if he has any advice for young people who might be thinking about volunteering, his reply was fantastic: “What are you waiting for?”

Kasper with fellow volunteer Maria.

We would like to thank Kasper for his incredible contribution to LVITC. We are lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful young person within our football family and we are right behind your coaching journey. We have no doubt that when you’re 16, you’ll be ready to start your FA Level One. Well done, Kasper.

Next week we will be chatting to Jake, who was inspired to start volunteering through his sister Jess. We can't wait for another amazing chat!

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