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Little Victories FC host Halloween Football Party

On Saturday 28th October 2023, Little Victories FC (LVFC) kicked off Halloween with a twist of football!

The spooky ambiance was created by coach Steph, delivering a ‘Ghost Shoot Out’, ‘Pumpkin Bowling’ and ‘Spider Darts’.

The players loved having the opportunity to dress up, in their favourite Halloween Costumes, that really showed their creative spirit!

The party was complete with so many sweets and delicious buns kindly donated by parents.

It really was fantastic to see our club embrace the spirit of Halloween, and it’s fair to say, their treat buckets were full!

Congratulations to Amelia and Emma, who were awarded ‘Star of the Week’ for their excellent effort and spectacular enthusiasm.

Amelia - Star of the Week!

Emma - Star of the Week!

They were both gifted a Halloween Hamper kindly created by local resident Rachel Baker.

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