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Little Victories Cerebral Palsy Football Team WIN Grassroots Football Award!

The remarkable achievements of Little Victories FC (LVFC), our cerebral palsy football team for young people, has been recognised with a prestigious Grassroots Football award with The Lincolnshire Football Association - the 'Highly Commended' Club of the Year.

Little Victories FC receive their award, presented by Professor Sir Jonathan Van Tam. Ed Mayes Photography.

The players at Little Victories FC are showing the footballing world within Lincolnshire that determination and team work matched with unwavering passion is the driving force behind overcoming physical challenges.

It's this unition of passion and perseverance, and through the commitment of an inspiring volunteer team, that LVFC is able to provide a safe and inclusive space for players to live their dreams of playing football.

Cerebral palsy affects movement and coordination, presenting players with obstacles that may seem insurmountable however the players at LVFC possess an indomitable spirit and a drive to succeed.

Through physical adaptations within the sessions, one to one coach support, and a range of different equipment, the players learn to manoeuvre the field with technique and skill, showcasing their true potential.

Being part of LVFC is more than just playing football. It's an opportunity for young people to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. By overcoming challenges on the pitch, players develop an unwavering belief in their abilities. This newfound confidence extends beyond the game, enabling them to conquer daily life hurdles with resilience.

The team culture within the LV cerebral palsy football team is unparalleled.

Teammates understand each other's struggles and triumphs, creating a unique bond that transcends the game itself. They become a support system (as do their families), encouraging one another to push their limits and achieve greatness both on and off the pitch.

Volunteers Steph and Shaun, with players Herbie and Henry.

The Impact of Inclusion

Sophie Bartup leads an exceptional volunteer team, and she said:

"Little Victories FC serves as a powerful example of the importance of inclusion within sport. This award is testament to our inspiring volunteer team, their unwavering dedication and commitment to our club, and players.

Our team's remarkable journey highlights the transformative power of inclusive football.

It's important for us to celebrate this award however it also provides us with a platform to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion within sport and the phenomenal impact it can have on young people and their families."

Here is Sophie with volunteer coach Richard at the awards.

Little Victories FC celebrated their award win at their most recent football session.

Player Jess is proud as punch! Here she is with her mum (volunteer coach), Carolyn.

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