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Little Victories FC volunteer Katie becomes Team Captain for the Epilepsy Society's Challenge 100!

Katie Winn, a volunteer coach at Little Victories FC, will lead our team of volunteers as we take on the Epilepsy Society's Challenge 100 - committing to completing 100 miles in 100 days!

Please help Team Little Victories FC to raise as much as possible and help those who need it most.

Let's hear from Katie, on why we feel this is so important:

"Little Victories FC is proud to provide an environment where all of our players feel as though all of their needs are met.

For many of our players, this means meeting children and volunteers who really understand what it is like to have Cerebral Palsy and other conditions for the first time.

For many individuals diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, there can also be a lot of co-existing conditions, such as ADHD and Autism, and including Epilepsy.

Children who are diagnosed with CP are 30-55% more likely to receive a diagnosis of Epilepsy before they reach adulthood than their abled bodied peers.

It is because of this that our volunteers found it so important to complete the Epilepsy Society's Challenge 100, where we all each aim to complete 100 miles in 100 days.

All of the money raised from our efforts will go directly towards research, funding and creating better lives for those with Epilepsy, including some of our volunteers and players."

Little Victories FC's inspiring volunteer team.

Taking on Challenge 100 will be Carolyn, Katie (Team Captain), Richard, Shaun, Sophie and Steph.

If you'd like to donate, and show your support, you can do so by following the link below:

Wishing Team Little Victories the absolute best of luck!

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